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There are currently five servers at the lab:

  1. Gateway (gw)
  2. sheldon
  3. leonard
  4. penny
  5. rajesh - GPU Server (for authorized users only)


Gateway Server

The gateway server is the one you log in remotely. It is not intended for computation or any other usage. This is a weak and old server but it has an important role.

Please do not use it for any other purpose but being a gateway.


sheldon, leonard, penny

These are strong servers for experimental use. Each one of them has the following spec:

  • CPU: Intel E3-1270v3
  • RAM: 32GB
  • 2 x 10G NIC (Optical) - For use in experimental network
  • 2 x 1G NIC (Copper) - One is connected to management network, the other is for use in experimental network



Howard is a super-strong server with two CPUs and 24 cores:


GPU Server - rajesh

The GPU server is not intended for public lab use. It is only to be used by authorized users.

You should not use this server without a permission even if you have credentials to log into it!

This server has the following spec:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-2600
  • 8GB RAM
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 580
  • 1 x Internal 1G NIC (Copper) - Connected to management network
  • 1 x External (USB3) 1G NIC (Copper) - For use in experimental network - DO NOT DISCONNECT WITHOUT APPROVAL!
  • 1 x 10G NIC (Optical) - For use in experimental network


Operating System

All servers run Linux Ubuntu Server 64-bit.


Hard Drives and Home Directories

Servers usually have a local 1TB hard drive.

All home directories are stored under /home in each server. Home directories are not shared among the servers (that is, if you put something in your home directory on one server, it will not appear in your home directory on another server).

CAUTION: There is no backup for local hard drives!

You must make sure you have your work backed up on your own computer and never rely on servers' hard drives as persistent storage.


Software Installation

Although most users are granted as sudoers and admins, you are requested to not install new software unless it is really required, as this may cause problems to other users and may slow down the servers.

If you do install anything, please make sure it is not already installed, and that you do not overwrite someone else's configuration.

If possible, it is a good idea to compile and run programs from within your home folder.

In any case of doubt, please consult Yotam (yotamhc (at) cs.huji.ac.il) before installing.




Management Network

Although servers in management network can be accessed using their names, this table summarized the internal IP addresses of their management ports:

Server Name
IP Address


Experimental Network

In experimental network, only IP addresses can be used (not names), and these addresses are in the subnet of

IP addresses reuse the last integer of the addresses in management network to avoid confusions, as described in the table below:

Server Name

IP Address

(em2 - 1G copper)

IP Address

(p1p1 - 1/10G SFP+)

IP Address

(p1p2 - 1/10G SFP+)


howard: em1 (SFP+):, em2 (SFP+) not connected, em3 (copper):, em4 (copper) not connected


The SFP+ ports under the 192.168.1.* network are connected through the Mellanox switch at 10Gbps.

The SFP+ ports under the 192.168.2.* network are connected through the NoviFlow switch at 10Gbps.


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