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Accessing The Lab

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The servers and switches in the lab are accessible remotely over the Internet, assuming you have already wired them to suit your experimental requirements.

In order to access the lab remotely you will need to obtain a user name and a private key (see below). Your private key is then used to create time-based login tokens (see below).

Login is always done to the gateway server, from which you can then access the rest of the machines in lab.


Obtaining a User Name and a Private Key

Please contact Yotam (yotamhc at cs . huji . ac . il) if you do not have a user name and private key for the lab.


Setting Up Token App on Your Phone

The time based token should be obtained every time you login to the gateway server. You should install the google authenticator app that generates such tokens and provide it with your private key.

iOS users - click here

Android users - click here


After installing the app, open it and create a new token. Set it to be a time-based token.

Enter your private key as the secret key of the token.


Connecting to the Gateway Server

Using either PuTTY (on windows) or SSH (on linux/mac) connect with your user name to: gw.deepnesslab.org

Enter your password and time-based toekn.


Example on linux:

Type: ssh alice@gw.deepnesslab.org

You will then be prompted for verification code (the time-based token) and password:

Verification code: <token comes here>

Password: <unix password comes here>


Connecting to Other Machines

Once on the gateway server shell, you may access other machines simply by SSHing to them.

For example:

ssh sheldon

You will have to provide your password again. If you want, you may setup authorized key login between your user accounts on different servers.


Connecting Without a Token or Password

You may setup an automatic login by adding your personal computer public key to the authorized SSH hosts on the gateway server.

To do that, run the following commands on your personal (linux/unix) computer:

cd ~

ls -la .ssh/id_rsa.pub

If no such file exists, do the following:
ssh-keygen -t rsa

(Press 'enter' for everything to make it use the default values)


Then, run the following command:

ssh <user>@gw.deepnesslab.org mkdir -p .ssh

And provide a token and your password.

Next, run the following line:

cat .ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh <user>@gw.deepnesslab.org 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys'

And provide it again a token and your password (for the last time).

Now you can login without a token nor a password:

ssh <user>@gw.deepnesslab.org


You can also set the same authentication between servers in the lab to login from one to each other without a password.

See more information here.


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