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Lab overview

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Our networking lab contains several servers and switches that may be interconnected as required for your experiments.

It is located at IDC Herzliya and managed by Prof. Anat Bremler-Barr.

The general architecture of the network is described in Figure 1.

All servers in the lab are connected through a plain Ethernet switch to the Internet. However, they cannot be directly accessed from the outside.

A gateway server provides authentication services for remote access.


Management Network

The management network is interconnected by a standard Ethernet switch. Each server's Ethernet port is connected to this network and through this network to the Internet.

The OpenFlow switch control port is connected to the same Ethernet network as the servers. Thus, it can be accessed from all servers.


Experimental Network

The experimental network is the interconnection of servers either directly or through the OpenFlow switch for experimental purposes.

Each experimental server has two optical network interfaces for experiments. Servers can be connected to switch's data ports using either 1G copper cables, 1G optical cables (SFP), or 10G optical cables (SFP+).


Permanent Connections

Some of the links in experimental network are permanently connected and should not be changed, as illustrated in Figure 2. Users of the lab can use the experimental network without having to physically rewire it and thus it is important to never touch these links.



If you need to know the network topology, check the wiring yourself.


Figure 2: Permanent links in experimental network.


Temporary Connections

Free ports on servers and switch may be used for experimental purposes. However, you must disconnect them when done.


Important Note

When working with the experimental network NEVER change or rewire management network or permanent links!


Detailed information on each server or switch can be found in the corresponding pages.


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